Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams – Following the standards and procedures of the California State Board Optometry, your eye exam will include the measurement of your prescription (refraction) and comprehensive examination of the health of your eyes including glaucoma testing and dilated exam of the back of the eye.

This type of exam is paramount to maintaining optimal visual health and should be performed by your Optometrist annually.

Special features of our examinations include:

  • “No-puff” glaucoma testing
  • Internal eye photos
  • Electronic visual field testing

Complete Contact Service – Including the latest in disposable, bifocal, astigmatism and colored contact lenses.

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Dry Eye Consultation & Treatment – Our Doctors can also help our patients with the latest treatment plans available for those suffering from problem tear production known as “Dry Eye”.

LASIK/Cataract Consultation & Co-management – Ask our doctors if you would be a candidate for correction of near-sighted, far-sighted and even bifocal patients. Co-managing is a great idea partnering our Optometrists who know your eyes well with the area’s most excellent surgeons for the best visual outcomes.