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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our Optometrists offer full comprehensive eye exams which include a complete eye health evaluation which detect glaucoma, cataracts and other potential eye diseases. Dilation is also included with the eye exam, and allows for the Optometrist to evaluate the back of the eye to ensure optimal eye health. The doctor will also examine eye pressure. Includes a prescription for glasses. Eye exams are strongly recommended annually.


Complete Contact Service

In addition to the full comprehensive eye exam, we also offer complete contact service which includes contacts prescription, fit, and follow-up. Includes prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. We also offer contact lens training for new contact lens wearers, which is not included in the complete contact lens service.


Dry Eye Consultation & Treatment

Our Optometrists perform dry eye consultations, which allow for the detection of which type of dry eye condition a patient is experiencing, and further insight and steps on how to treat the condition.


LASIK/Cataract Consultation & Co-management

Our Optometrists provide LASIK/cataract consultations, in which they evaluate the patients specific situation, and take further action to refer to a specialist based on the patients eye care needs.